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Vinyl Liner
WarrantyLifetime Structural Warranty No less then 35 years

Lifetime Structural Warranty Based on State definition of a lifetime or a prorated warranty.

Liner seams only and limited wall warranty
Osmosis Warranty

Lifetime Osmosis warranty in writing.

Not availableN/A
Install Time

7-10 Day
Install time

7-10 Day
Install time
10 - 15 Day
Install time

Made with full Vinyl ester resin for 100% waterproofing of each layer. Closed beam construction and boxing of all 90 degree angles. Centurion Core for additional strength

Made with Polyester resins and one coat of Vinylester resin only back side is waterproofedBuilt on site dependent on the installer and the quality of the vinyl kit
Quality ControlManufactured in controlled environment with Highest quality control standards.Manufactured in controlled environment.

Built on site dependent on the installer and the quality of the vinyl kit used

Surface Finish

Highest Quality gelcoat, imported from Nu-plex. Climate controlled to keep integrity of product, Solid surface finish 25 to 30 mil. Solid color

Domestic Gel-coats, Some solid and top coat or 3 part finishes

Vinyl liner, prone to tears, very slippery, algae forms easily, N/A



Liner replacement every 7 - 8 years with $3000 to $5000 cost